Pam Kravetz is a working artist and professional educator in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.



Pam Kravetz began her nursery school routine excelling at napping and snacking, just as any heir presumptive would. She showed an astonishing deal of reflectiveness in her early years after turning to the painting easel. There, she shined. To say the rest is history would cut her artistic endeavors down to size.

With her creative constitution growing over the years, she has become a bit of an unofficial  Cincinnati monarch, due in part to her exuberant style during public appearances, but also as a result of her generous service to her community. When she is not in the studio, she undertakes the duties of fundraising and donates her art, time, and charismatic energy. Collaboration is her secret ingredient, which she feels “makes your voice louder and bigger and stronger and way more impactful.”


And when she is in the studio? She is reveling in the act of making. To categorize her work in one word is impossible.  So, here is a list of ten.


✽ Adorned ✽
✽ Unapologetic ✽
✽ Fun ✽
✽ Psychedelic ✽
✽ Vibrant ✽

✽ Whimsical ✽
✽ Silly ✽
✽ Bold ✽
✽ Ornate ✽
✽ Present ✽

Pam is most noted for her hand stitched larger than life puppets, piling a variety of mediums on top of one another to create encrusted wonders. Her spirited involvement in the local Cincinnati arts community, which includes both designing fundraising platforms as well as a donating a plethora of pieces, has won her great honor among art patrons.

Photo:  Danial Smyth

The Arts bring heart and love and passion.
— Pam Kravetz


Pam Kravetz has decided to stop wanting to be someone else.


Being herself, doing what she loves, and being the best at it she can be, is what drives her these days. She was named one of The Enquirer and The Greater Cincinnati Foundation's 2017 Women of the Year.  A true beauty queen after all. 



★  Accolades  

  • Exhibited in over 30 individual and group art exhibits and installations. (Including The Southern Ohio Museum of Art, The Carnegie Arts Center, The Burlington Art Center in Vermont, Phyllis Weston Gallery, Annie Bolling Gallery, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Contemporary Arts Center, Thunder Sky Gallery and Visionary and Voices.)
  • Founder of one of the midwest’s first yarn graffiti gang

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P.S. Though she's not related to Lenny Kravitz, she named her dog Lenny Kravetz.

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