Come jump down the Pam Kravetz Rabbit Hole!

Art can heal. Art can make you happy.
Art can help your story live on.
— Pam Kravetz

Pam Kravetz is a Jill-of-all-trades, and a master of, well, all of them! She is also a master of disguises, who often performs under a variety of aliases. 

Her work is as delicious, distinctive and explosive as popcorn: no two pieces are alike, yet they all share a common visual bond. Though colorful, the numerous intricate details she conducts is more kindred to a kaleidoscopic dance. She stitches together big ideas from small pieces of brightly colored fabric, yarn, hand sewn text, and other crafty embellishments. She is fluent in fiber arts & ceramics and has developed a budding skill for industrial folk design (Perhaps the first mention of this category ever).

Pam is well-loved for her hand-stitched, larger-than-life puppets & marionettes. She has an undeniable gift for unifying many different mediums into one unforgettable bedazzled moment.  Her dedication to the Cincinnati arts community has made her a local icon. And that’s not just because she is as stylish and self-evident as her art. She is deeply involved with ArtWorks, the Contemporary Arts Center, and the Carnegie, amongst others. And she even finds time to collaborate with other artists. Not only is she celebrated among local art patrons, the city is often honored with a menagerie of her donated pieces.

This delightful package makes Pam one of the most multifaceted artists living today. She is one of Cincinnati’s most brilliant gem.

The joke is that it’s all about me, but it’s not all about me.
It’s about creating collaborations and creating a voice that’s bigger.
— Pam Kravetz