Welcome To Pam Land 2.0

My favorite food group is cotton candy, I use the word “badass” as a noun and a verb, a lot. I love connections, my family, my friends, and Cincinnati! I take a gazillion pictures, most are blurry, too dark or rubbish. I have an acute case of FOMO. I never delete anything, I’m a packrat of emails, images, and text. I’m afraid to throw away anything, I think I will need it later. Can we talk about my weight? Up, down, big, little, round, not so rounded, once even bite-sized. I place value on my appearance, maybe too much sometimes. All my art seems to be about me, even when it's meant for someone else. I don’t think I’ narcissistic, I think it is my way of self-discovery, Okay, yeah, I’m probably narcissistic. I discovered all of this recently when going through images for this new website.

I am in a place of new, what if’s, what’s next. It is scary and exciting! I was ready for a new website. I loved my first one created by the incredible Rosie in 2009. I haven’t updated it in 9 years. I am a bit of a poser, I look like I embrace change and even celebrate it. I don’t think I do! I know I am not nostalgic. I am always look forward, to what’s next. But, boy when I was looking through Facebook, Instagram, images on my phone and my computer I couldn’t help but become nostalgic. D.J., my designer, and Megan, my wordsmith, editor were patient when they gave me homework to do. But, I had a hard time moving forward. Part change, part not wanting to make the wrong choices and part being a total Luddite. I am a quilter, that doesn’t really know how to sew and can’t use a sewing machine. I have the heart of a stop-motion animator, just don’t know how to do it.  A big aha moment for me was when I was commissioned by the CAC to create an installation for the UnMuseum.  I wanted to do some kind of computer generated cool, 21st century art, which I did not have the expertise nor interest to learn. Craig said, something like, "that’s not the kind of art you do, you like the hands-on, human-powered, playful, interactive. Do what you do, push it, but be true to yourself." I am pretty sure that is my mantra of making my art and the artful life I live.

So, here we go! You and me. On this adventure of what's next! Welcome! 

DJ Trischler