Pam creates peacemaking wherever she goes, and at times, leaves a trail of glitter or sequence from her costume. Pam’s installations are the visual equivalent of her saying, “Hey! Come play with me!”

Tour de Cincy highlights Pam’s work as a folk-industrial designer. She designed the first bike rack installed for the Artworks project“QueenCity Art Racks.” As an homage to the flying pig artworks scattered around the city, these functional, artist-designed bike racks have been installed in public spaces throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky as a way to foster local pride.


And what’s just as fun as riding a bike? Eating! “TheArt of Food” is an annual exhibition of culinary creations by visual artists and top chefs from the greater Cincinnati area. In 2012 Pam and Sharon Butler (of the delightful Bon Bonerie) used fabric, flour, and baking pans to whip up a frenzy for the audience during a night of culinary delight.

Before this, at the 2010 event, Pam created oversized marionettes whose strings were managed by a smaller master. Pam’s alias that night, Betty, baked up a storm of cupcake treats that sweetened the entire Carnegie ballroom.