Fiber Art 

Kravetz’s giant hoop skirts, laden with baking tins, party favors and foam cakes with royal icing, are something out of Project Runway-meets-Cake Boss.
— Kathy Schwartz City Beat 2012

Many of Pam’s works incorporate her signature intricate embroidery technique. Let’s just say if art doesn’t pan out for Pam (not a chance), she always has the option of top seamstress of any couture house. Her narrative quilts tell visual stories about the people who have shaped her inner and outer world. 

Pam’s PUPPETS & MARIONETTES range in size, color, and shape, making them truly individual characters. At times, these personalities begin as large store-bought stuffed animals which are then stitched into, onto, and embellished. One puppet, in particular, Jinglebell Yosemite, became a game changer. 

Pam has also created an eclectic collection of CERAMIC works.  From busts of power-faced women with eccentric bouffants to domestic goddesses to decorative dinner plates, her ceramic sensibility is as visually jam-packed with personal folklore as her fiber works. 

How does she find the time to juggle so many categories and with such depth? Pam works continuously, even if she needs a little motivation to get started.