Yes, you can say I have a love affair with the city of Cincinnati and I shout it from the rooftops.
— Pam Kravetz

This gal is a problem solver, supporter, and lover of Cincinnati. According to Pam, working with a team of talent gives a community with real power. She admits,“It makes your voice louder and bigger and stronger and way more impactful.” Which is what makes Cincinnati so special. The willingness to curb egos for common goals is at the root of all the community projects Pam sows seeds for. 

Through ArtWorks Apprentice team, Kravetz has led the transformation of clinics at the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Hospital, as well as encouraging the elderly residents at Cedar Village Retirement Community to create art.

Pam also produced ArtWorks’s 21st birthday celebration and co-chaired ArtWorks famous breakfast for passionate creatives. She donated work to Bricks Along the Journey, which raises money for breast cancer awareness. And she became a co-chair for The Carnegie’s Art of Food. But this queen goes beyond community work for the creative elite. She is also the driver of Arnold’s motorized bathtub in the Cincinnati Pride Parade and has been a past voice on the beloved WNKU promoting the arts.